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Rarotonga Polynesian Massage, Cook Islands

Enjoy the experience while on holiday here in the Cook Islands, of a Rarotonga Polynesian massage under the swaying palms that fringe the shores of your white sandy beach, overlooking the lagoon.

You will find that an outdoor massage with the sounds of the sea, the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze fanning your face and the beautiful smells of the massage oils filling your senses, will be a truly memorable Cook island experience.

Your Rarotonga Polynesian massage can be where you feel most comfortable. If you prefer your massage in the privacy of your villa to being outdoors then our massage therapist will set you up there.

Your massage experience in the Cook Islands using wonderful eco-friendly locally made organic oils will soothe and relax. The massage oils in Rarotonga are made on the island of Mitiaro in the Cook Islands and are produced from 100% organic coconuts and herbs. Made traditionally using recipes handed down through generations, the pure organic oils are ideal for both massaging and healing.

The name 'Mana O Te Rima' in Rarotonga means 'power of the hands', and you will experience this during your massaging whether you choose relaxation, deep tissue or a reflexology treatment. Inano, our Polynesian massage therapist, will give you an exceptional massage leaving you reluctant for her to stop!

Akangaroi Relaxation Massage:

A full body massage creating a deep sense of bliss and healing while stimulating the lymphatic system to enhance a detoxing experience.

60 minutes NZD $80 90 minutes NZD $115

Taomi Pakari Deep Tissue Massage:

This deep tissue massage can relieve tension and postural imbalances along with pain associated with the musculoskeletal system. This is a firm massage that offers a precise treatment for specific needs.

60 minutes NZD $80 90 minutes NZD $115

Vaevae Reflexology Treatment:

The vaevae reflexology massage is a preventative maintenance treatment, which stimulates the reflex points on your feet. This treatment improves blood circulation and can help with many health issues in a natural way.

45 minutes NZD $65

Rachel at Makayla Palms Villas is happy to book your Rarotonga Polynesian massage for you - just let her know!


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